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Sysadmin, technologist, nerd, and self-hoster


Project Name Link Language(s)
I/O Bot I/O Bot Repo Python, Nix
Nix Config Nix Config Repo Nix
My Blog Blog Repo HTML, CSS, Nix
Iceshrimp Iceshrimp Repo Vue, Typescript, Nix

Quick facts

My Pronouns: It, She, and They.
  • Hobbies: Programming, Cybersecurity, Reading, Biking
  • Running my own services at home
  • Running my own DNS and email servers
  • On the fediverse @pyrox

Tech of Choice

General Languages Web Languages Other Technologies

Adobe Certified in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Graphic Design.

I use Neovim as my IDE.

I use NixOS, btw.

I'm running email servers for my website, as well as DNS. All of my infrastructure is under what I call PyroNet, which will eventually be a registered AS, and is already an AS under DN42.

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